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Monday, 19 May 2014

So, A Vote for UKIP means...

Let me get this straight. A vote for UKIP on Thursday which results in a UKIP MEP being elected means that the United Kingdom is sending representatives to sit in the European Parliament who will work their socks off to JEOPARDISE the UK's interests in Brussels. That's about it- right? 

The election on Thursday is NOT an 'in-out referendum' as to whether the UK remains or leaves the European Union. Yet, people are treating it as if it is. Let me present you with what I think is an illogical argument. Growth and the economy has been the daily mantra. 'Hard working' people who had to find alternative ways of getting into work during the London tube strikes recently criticised the RMT union for making their lives harder. Businesses berated the RMT for the large sums of money that they lost. So, any means that helps people earn money and make a living must be a good thing to cling on to, right? Wrong. 

According to the CBI being part of the European Union contributes to 4-5% of annual output in the UK. There are a whole lot more statistics and information on being in Europe. Yet, UKIP goes on and on about Romanians - living next door, being on the train with you, eating your food (I made the last one up but I am sure that will be next). So, macho isolationalism is the key part of UKIP's politics. When UKIP blames Romanians for everything that is wrong with this country UKIP shows an utter ignorance of the powers of globalisation, the competition state and the post-industrialism theories. Their politics is just the politics of scaremongering and fear. 

There are some wonderful MEPs who are working their socks off to make British life better for all. Don't waste your vote on a UKIP candidate. If you do all it will result in is a UKIP MEP earning a large salary and expenses while doing little to make your life better. That's not growth for the country. 


  1. Three things that are undeniably true of any establishment:
    1/ they do not believe they are an establishment
    2/ they know that they know best
    3/ it takes enormous effort to wake them up"

    I am also sorry to see Lord Oakeshott leave. What a wealth of experience - what a sad loss! Whenever I’ve heard him speak, I’ve always been impressed by his logic on the economy and passion for liberalism with a strong social focus.

    I don’t think he could be comfortable in another political party and I hope he comes home one day soon; I hope he’s allowed to and welcomed! The poll he is said to have commissioned was undoubtedly a miscalculation and I would rather he had initiated a poll asking something like ‘do you feel that you are well informed about the Lib Dems roll in government?’.

    However, I refer to 3/ above!

    A great post again Maelo and from the most important perspective - the future, as you indeed are!

    John M

  2. This looks fantastic - well done!


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