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Monday, 1 July 2013

When is Bad Behavior Malarkey and not Rioting?

It is the Summer season for hi jinx among the youth and it is interesting to see how the class distinction operates.  Students from a private school called Mill Hill County School trashed a £2 million home in Hampstead, London, and caused havoc on the streets too. The school charges £9,038 a term for full boarders. 

It is shocking that these students think that it is acceptable to rent a house and trash it just because they had paid for it. These middle class types show a sense of entitlement that is destructive and lacks respect for person and property. What goes on in the real world is irrelevant to them. 

There is a fine line between malarkey and rioting but these students obviously did not seem to think that £15,000 worth of damages to a house was blame worthy because they have got away lightly. The pupils swore at police and only 3 were arrested. Their parents, if you read the report, don't think that their children were to blame. There is a vast group of middle class teenagers growing up who think that they can do what they like whilst looking down on the working class youth who riot in much  the same way but have to face the justice system. 


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