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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Letter To Iain Duncan Smith

Dear IDS,
I want to register how angry and dismayed I am that you want to close down the Remploy factories.

I cannot believe that as work and pensions minister, with unemployment over 2.5 million, you are voluntarily throwing over a thousand people out of work - especially this group of disabled people, who you know have little chance of getting another job.

How can you justify closing British factories and putting disabled people on benefits like this? The people who work for Remploy are proud of being able to contribute to our economy and our society, and you will be ruining lives if you go ahead with this move.

The workers want you to meet them at their factory in Barking near your constituency, and I wanted to join the call to pass their message on. You can arrange a time with the factory manager John Severn. His email address is, or his phone number is 0208 507 5820.

Vulnerable people should not be part of your Tory ideology of shrinking the state. There are business models and business opportunities that could be adopted to make Remploy profitable. One has to ask why you are so insistent in shutting Remploy down.

Yours sincerely
Maelo Manning

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