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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Libdem child ranked 7th in the world among teen bloggers

I have been ranked 7th in a top 10 list of child bloggers globally. I feel humbled, excited and grateful. Thank you for all your support in reading my blog and leaving comments, especially JohnM, Goodknight, Frank Little, Philip Blond of ResPublica and LeftLiberal.

There are two other bloggers in this list who are of interest. One is Madonna's, the pop singer, daughter Lourdes who comes in at 10. The other is the daughter of the Tiger Mother who comes in at 9th.

Also to the right of this blog post is an interview that I did with who are interviewing some LibDem bloggers in the lead up to our conference. Winkball reporters will also be present in Birmingham so please be nice to them because they are a great company.


  1. As Billie-Jean King once said, when you've got it, flaunt it. It's a well deserved accolade.

  2. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for all your support and for introducing me to chess.

  3. Dear Frank,
    Thank you for blogging about me when I gave my first speech in March 2010. That gave me a lot of encouragement. I am very grateful. I ought to have mentioned you in my blog post. I have now added you to my name list.

  4. Maelo, that's fantastic.

    Hope I'll get the chance to meet you at Conference.

  5. Hi Caron,
    Thank you. I hope to meet you too. It'll be lovely.

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