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Thursday, 10 February 2011


In China 190 children are snatched every day to be trafficked. These children are being sold for as much as £6,600 pounds. Imagine the devastation a parent faces when they find out that their child has been kidnapped. Many of these children are used as beggars to make money for their 'adopted' families. I almost wanted to cry when I read about how some of these children are then maimed so their chances of making money is increased because people will feel sorry for them.
Finally, yesterday, a son was reunited with his father after being missing for 3 years in Shenzhen City. A breakthrough was possible because of a blog set up by Yu Jianrong, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who asked people to post photos of children they see begging in the street and of other children they think might have been kidnapped. Parents can also post the photos of their missing child on the micro blogs in the hope that family members will see them.
I gave a speech last year at the Autum conference on Gendercide and how China is the worst country for this. I stated that Gendercide has far reaching consequences and child abduction is one result. Most of the children stolen are boys because of the one child policy. Most families prefer boys. China needs to respect the rights of the children and start to take action over children's wellbeing.
So far China hasn't done anything to solve child abudctions. Recently, a boy was taken in broad daylight in China. He was screaming and crying but passers by ignored him. What is it that makes people there ignore such a crime?  I can't imagine the same happening here. China may be a rising superpower but internally the country doesn't seem to be using any powers to make the life of citizens better in terms of human rights.



  1. I do wonder that China's capitalism is so unrestricted that even children are just seen as commodities.

  2. Dear John,
    Sorry for the late reply. When I was in Asia recently I saw for myself how people buy and shop all the time. Do they value what they buy even?


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