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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Multiculturalism isn't just about food

Asian men in Derby have been arrested for drugging and exploiting young girls between the ages of twelve and eighteen years.The men would find their victims at train stations, council estates and even walking home from school. The men would be nice to their victims at first, they would do this by giving them expensive gifts and taking them out. This practice by Asian men in the North has been the subject of an investigation by The Times. What is worrying is the attitude of these Asian men towards White girls.

Sometimes, we have to appreciate that multiculturalism also includes bad things about people. When people say the word 'multicultural' I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is foreign foods. I am half Asian and people are always asking me whether I eat curry. Food seems to be the test of multiculturalism. However, it is not only food that immigrants have introduced into this country. They have brought in some wonderful Global aspects like their religion, clothing, ways of life and, on the bad side, prejudices.

If this country really does want to be multicultural we need to recognise the bad and the good. For example: I have seen English people wearing saris which is good because we are accepting an Indian tradition. The bad example is this story about the Asian men. Sometimes in this country we are too scared of saying some things for fear of being labelled as 'racists'. Keith Vaz MP has said that cultural sensitivites must not stand in the way of investigating why Asian men are preying on White girls.

Today Jack Straw has said that 'some Pakistani men see White girls as easy meat' and is being accused of stereotyping people. People like Jack Straw need to be listened to because the evidence in what he says is the trial of the 13 Asian men that has just finished and the realisation that this is a big social problem. Also, Jack Straw didn't say that ALL Pakistani men are bad. Let's make way for a good discussion which recognises social problems that are particular to some groups of people without labelling it as 'racist'.


  1. Unlike Black or Jewish people. Asians in general are completely incompatible with living in Britain today. The more people understand that the better. Their name is tarnished but as it should be.They have biten the hand that has given them refuge. Most unwelcome guests.

  2. Sam,
    I DO NOT agree with you. My post isn't about targetting Asians wholly. The point of my post is about how immigration (into whatever country) has good points and bad points and any discussion about multiculturalism must acknowledge this. My post isn't an anti-immigration one.

  3. The difficulty in discussing this is that we need to avoid giving people negative stereotypes - which may provoke a racist reaction, but if there is a problem we need to talk about it frankly.
    I think Jack Straw made a mistake because some of the phrases he used will generate provocative headlines which will add to the problem.

  4. I take no notice of class, race, religion, colour etc. etc. All I'm interested in is whether somebody is a nice person. Unfortunately we still have too many horrible people in the world but perhaps we can hope, that with time and nice people like you to set an example, humans might progress to a higher level.
    Best wishes


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