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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Be careful kid!

Lately children's health and safety measures have gone way to far! As an example, we have to wear goggles while playing with bluetack. In my school we have to wear hats to go in the sun and if we have forgotten our hats we are not allowed in it. Even my mum is buying sun lotion which is 50+ on protection. I'm ten years old for goodness sake. Anyway, i'm hoping that when the Goverment is looking at regulation and trying to get rid of laws that are uneccesary they will look at the ridiculous safety measures in place for kids. Kids just want freedom and to have fun. I understand that we have to be safe while doing this but we shouldn't have to go so far with safety measures. If you put too many regulations in place you will stop children from experiencing childhood freedom. Adults just don't understand, do they (sigh)?

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