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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Boris' buffoonery is yet another nail in the coffin of democracy

In this handout photo provided by the House of Commons, Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks in Parliament in London, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. An unrepentant Prime Minister Boris Johnson brushed off cries of “Resign!” and dared the political opposition to try to topple him Wednesday at a raucous session of Parliament, a day after Britain’s highest court ruled he acted illegally in suspending the body ahead of the Brexit deadline. (Jessica Taylor/House of Commons via AP)

UK politics has increasingly become an impenetrable landscape of chaos. After the supreme court ruling and the debate over Boris' language, it has become almost impossible to keep up with the numerous blunders of the Conservative party. What concerns me most is how young people are being further sidelined by the buffoonery of Westminister antics.

Whenever I speak to my friends about Brexit or the possibility of another election it is hard to even know where to start or how to get the facts straight. In a time where democracy is already being thwarted, I find it upsetting (to put it lightly) that even an understanding of politics is becoming virtually inaccessible.

Yesterday morning I was asked to speak on BBC Asian Network's 'Big Debate' on the topic of calls for Boris Johnson to resign in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling. Being on the show only further illuminated this issue to me because it was hard to even focus the debate on a single event or issue. Politics has always been contentious and complicated but I have never seen anything like this.

I asserted that another general election would simply cater to the political game-playing of the major parties in a time like this. What I fear most is the potential for power grabs by the conservatives.

What matters now is untangling the mess of Brexit and only this. UK politics is increasingly transforming into an arena of party political agendas and an election would simply exacerbate this issue. Speaking to other debaters on the show I could understand why calls for an election are being made. However, knowing the sheer confusion and misinformation of those around me (including my own), in regards to the current political climate, I believe that an election will only add fuel to the fire of disengagement and misunderstanding of politics.

What matters most is the political agency of the electorate. When politics becomes so messy that political agency becomes impossible our democracy is almost completely undermined. Young people have had little say on the future of our own country and already find politics off-putting. It is now crucial that we put a stop to this.

Have a listen to the show at the link below: - I appear from approximately 28 minutes in until 51 minutes. 


  1. Is it buffoonery or part of his psychopathology?

  2. A third referendum, offering the choice of the withdrawal deal on the table or of Remaining, would enable Brexit to be cleared out of the way and for normal parliamentary business to be restored. The EU27 would have to agree to an A50 extension of course but one cannot see that being withheld in the circumstances.

    1. I completely agree Frank and I believe that this is the only way forward. I cannot see this whole situation being resolved any other way and I truly fear any other possibility. I hope you're well!!


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