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Saturday, 26 April 2014

UKIP is a party of 'Clowns'


UKIP made the headlines again for spouting discriminatory comments. This time a UKIP election candidate, William Henwood,  has called on Lenny Henry the comedian to emigrate to a 'black country' because 'he does not have to live with Whites'. Lenny Henry is a British comedian who has given us many laughs over the years. UKIP are a bunch of 'Clowns' of the Stephen King variety from the novel/film called 'It',  they certainly do not qualify as clowns of the circus variety who always make both kids and adults laugh.

Every time a UKIP candidate makes a derogatory comment their supporters need to seriously reconsider their allegiance to this party which is full of discrimination, no matter that the figurehead of UKIP is a smiley man with a pint in his hand. 
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