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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Be careful kid!

Lately children's health and safety measures have gone way to far! As an example, we have to wear goggles while playing with bluetack. In my school we have to wear hats to go in the sun and if we have forgotten our hats we are not allowed in it. Even my mum is buying sun lotion which is 50+ on protection. I'm ten years old for goodness sake. Anyway, i'm hoping that when the Goverment is looking at regulation and trying to get rid of laws that are uneccesary they will look at the ridiculous safety measures in place for kids. Kids just want freedom and to have fun. I understand that we have to be safe while doing this but we shouldn't have to go so far with safety measures. If you put too many regulations in place you will stop children from experiencing childhood freedom. Adults just don't understand, do they (sigh)?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Afghan Children situation

The Government's decision to deport all Afghan children who have come over unaccompanied to England to escape the trauma of the war is detestable. The Government is just sending the children back thinking this is the best outcome for all of the kids. The four million pounds being spent on a 'regeneration centre' in Afghanistan could be used on doing risk assesments to look at each individual child's case to decide what is the best for that child's future.

These children might be in serious danger if they are repatriated. Some of the children that have come over to England could well have previously been working on the streets in Afghanistan because this is a wide spread social problem there. I think that UK Government should recognise this, understand and help instead of just deporting the poor children.

What is even more shocking is that the EU has agreed to this method. The concept of thinking that repatriation is the best option came from a paper circulated in the EU by the Labour government. I cannot understand why this Government with a progressive agenda hasn't changed the policy.

An article in today's London Evening Standard newspaper carries a story on an Afghan teenager in the UK who asked several famous people, including Obama and the Queen, to encourage her and her schoolmates in their GCSE exams. She is sitting for 14 exams because she appreciates the opportunity to be given an education. This shows how an Afghan child who moved to England can contribute to our country.
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