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Monday, 18 June 2018

Sick of your Brexit lies Theresa May

May's reference to a Brexit 'dividend' which would fund a £20 billion rise in funding for the NHS is unfounded and it is indicative of an increasing Tory lurch towards populist sentiment. 

In a time where rash claims and 'authentic' political language are grabbing the attention of the masses, the Tories are attempting to benefit from the increasing informality of politics. However, they are not an opposition party trying to garner votes but our governing party who are dealing with the enactment of the most important referendum in British history. After one of the most chaotic weeks in Brexit dealings and reports that the UK economy is at its weakest point since 2009 it is glaringly obvious that the Tories are ill-equipped to manage domestically and internationally. 

Theresa May's flailing on the Marr show is merely a manifestation of growing Tory incompetence. The Tories have attempted to imitate the success of UKIP's capitalisation on populism since 2015. The country has already suffered the consequences of this with the decision to hold the Brexit referendum and then a subsequently ill-informed vote. 

However, at a crucial time such a this it is more than worrying that plans for our health service are founded upon inaccurate claims. This is only symptomatic of wider Conservative incompetence and will be disastrous for the country. Theresa May, stop fooling around with the future of this country's youth, first Brexit, now the NHS and Brexit lies. 

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